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The Center of Vietnamese Culture
in Houston


Many Vietnamese in the refugee community abroad have a desire to learn and to pass on the culture of our ancestors. Our culture is so rich and immense and yet the Vietnamese community did not have a united organization which specialized in studying and preserving the Vietnamese culture. Therefore, several associations or groups have taken the initiative to preserve our Vietnamese culture in various ways. The Center of Vietnamese Culture (CVC) was established in this spirit.


The Center of Vietnamese Culture in Houston is focusing its efforts on a unique goal at this time: To introduce the younger generation to the richness of Vietnamese culture and the brilliant history of the past, in the hopes that the younger generation will be proud of their people and cherish their country more. We also hope that the younger generation, with their talent and enthusiasm, will eagerly contribute to the building of a brighter future for the people and country of Viet Nam.


During the past three years, The Center of Vietnamese Culture in Houston has been trying to revive the VINH QUY BAI TO tradition, a meaningful centuries-old cultural tradition of Viet Nam. The purpose of the Annual Vinh Quy Bai To Honors Banquet is to recognize the younger generation’s success and to encourage them to show their gratefulness to ancestors, parents and teachers. In addition to hosting this annual event every year, the CVC is also doing its best to provide the younger generation information about Vietnam’s history and studies on Vietnamese culture and literature as well as introduce new writings and studies of young Vietnamese-Americans

Though our goals are modest, and the CVC has tried its best to fulfill them. Whatever is lacking is due to the limited means and manpower of our Center. The Center of Vietnamese Culture values your cooperation and your advice, and looks forward to engaging new graduates who will contribute to achieving these goals in future.

Respectfully yours,

The Center of Vietnamese Culture
Nguyen Tran Quy

Trung Tâm Văn Hóa Việt Nam
Center of Vietnamese Culture
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